Revolutionary Training System Creates Results
The ProBatter PX2 Baseball Simulator pitching system is the most advanced and realistic training system for improving hitting skills available anywhere. Professional-grade and industry-tested, ProBatter’s patented video simulation allows hitters to face a variety of different life-size pitchers projected on an 8′ X l O’ screen. The life-like simulation allows batters to experience game-like conditions resulting in improved timing, rhythm and game day performance.

Fully Programmable, User-Friendly Touch Screen
Hitters can choose from 8 different, fully programmable pitches: Fastball, Change-up, Curve, Screwball, Drop, Screw Riser, Riser, or Curve Drop in any variety of sequences, and features 9 unique skill levels with 3 different video pitchers to provide the most realistic baseball simulation ever.

  • 9 Pre-Programmed Skill Levels, With Ski Appropriate DVD Quality Video Pitchers Age Levels: 6·1, 8-9, l O· l l, 12· l 3, High School, College, Pro and Master. Adjusts to simulate either right or left handed pitchers.
  • 9 Different Pre-Programmed Pitch Types Fastball, Change-up, Curve, Screwball,
  • Cutter, Split-Fastball, Slider, Slurve, and Sinker.
  • Pin-Point Accuracy, Pitch After Pitch Programmed to consistently hit 9 spots in the strike zone and 4 outside for improving strike zone
    recognition. Also includes a programmed sequence for improving catcher’s receiving and blocking skills.
  • Fully Programmable, Pitch Speed Versah1ty 40· l 00 MPH at 2 MPH increments makes customizing your training at the touch of a button.

ProBatter’s Patented Synchronized Video Display
Full size, game-like simulation improves timing, rhythm and visual mechanics. Durable and dependable industry-grade projector and projection screen create the most realistic training environment for hitters of all levels.