If you thought that the ProBatter systems were designed exclusively for batting practice, you would have sold the equipment short and not gotten the most out of your investment. While it certainly is the best training tool ever developed for hitters of all ages, it is also an excellent way to provide practice for your catchers under game-like conditions.

Working your catchers with the ProBatter system, particularly, the ProBatter Professional system, is an excellent way to refine their pitch framing and blocking skills.

ProBatter Sports offers a pre-programmed “Catchers Sequence” of pitches for the ProBatter Professional simulator so that you can work your catchers under game-like conditions. The framing series consists of a series of different pitches that are thrown both inside and outside the strike zone
so that your catcher can work on his receiving techniques, including proper positions of his glove above and below the waist as well as bringing the “close pitch” back into the strike zone. Your pitchers will certainly appreciate this drill.

The blocking sequence consists of a series of curve balls and fastballs both over the plate as well as in the dirt, which force the catcher to move his body and block the ball in the dirt. The pitches are “randomized” so that while he knows that some of the pitches will require blocking, he won’t know the exact ones. This will help him develop the proper footwork required for blocking balls in the dirt as well as the muscle memory needed
for games. We will all agree that this is a far more efficient way to train catchers than having a coach bounce tennis balls in front of him during practice.

Originally published on ProBatter Sports website.